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White Disposable KF94 Face Masks 20 Pcs, 4 Layer Filters, Made in Korea

White Disposable KF94 Face Masks 20 Pcs, 4 Layer Filters, Made in Korea Item NO.: 1617781

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  • Premium KF94 Mask (Easy Breathing)
  • KFDA approved, FDA Registered (QKR Code)
  • GREAT SAFETY - 4-Layer Protection with high quality MB filter
  • ANTI-TROUBLE SKIN AND EASY BREATHING - Made with Eco-Friendly fabric for Anti-Trouble Skin and structured to let you breathe more comfortable and easy with
  • Made in Korea / Authentic English Packaging

Product Name White Disposable KF94 Face Masks 20 Pcs, 4 Layer Filters, Made in Korea
Item NO. 1617781
Weight 0.15 kg = 0.3307 lb = 5.2911 oz
Category N95/KN95 Mask
Tag KF94 Face Masks
Creation Time 2019-03-15


4-layered, highly effective filter for protection from air pollution and fine dust.

3-dimensional structure increasing breathing space.

Adjustable nose clip Providing non-slip wear and reducing heat and moisture accumulation.

Elastic ear loops making itself comfortable to wear.

How to use:

Place mask over nose and mouth.

Place each cord around your ears.

Adjust the nose clip for the best fit.

Pull the edge of the mask up and down to ensure there is a tight fit.






This mask filters out most airborne particles, protecting wearers from exposure to harmful tiny particles down to 0.4um in diameter by the innovative technology.


Structured to cover from your nose to chin, and from your left to your right jaw, our masks give you better protection and are less smeared from foundation, lipstick etc.


The materials are made in Korea with hygienic protection. It's featuring elastic ear loop, pose less press to ears and face, avoid the uncomfortableness from long-time use.



Do not place any cover under the mask.

When damaged, soiled or polluted inside, stop the use and dispose.

Do not wash.

Do not give any variation to the mask.

Do not touch the outer surface once you wear.

If you are having problems breathing using the mask, talk to doctors and experts before further use.

Do not use In a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high.

Do not use in presence of high intensity heat source of flammable gas.

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Liked the mask and the way it fit. But clouds up my glasses.



This mask fits well and comfortable. This is well made.



These masks were the most comfortable of any we have tried. They weren’t uncomfortable on a long flight to Aruba. They don’t stick to your face when you inhale.



Material frayed

30 Days Ago


Too big for my face but it was something I used for an event and felt like I want to try this on. Other than it is big on my face it seem to have fitted perfectly fine. Just too big looks like one of the star wars characters.

30 Days Ago


I've tried a dozen or more types of masks during the pandemic, and these are my favorites.They fit me comfortably, not pulling too hard on my ears or pressing tight against my face. Even so it feels like they're filtering well: when I inhale, the front of the mask moves toward my face, and I don't feel much air slipping around the sides, unlike many masks. I find them easy to breathe in.Note that my head is large, so it's possible these would be too large for people with smaller heads. It's also worth noting that I don't normally wear a mask all day, usually no more than an hour or two at a time, but I still feel these would hold up well for a long session.As for the smell, it didn't bother me at all. I found it to be very mild, and somewhere between pleasant and neutral. In this listing the manufacturer describes the smell as woody but it's so faint I can't even say what it's like. Certainly not unpleasant to me, though.

30 Days Ago


have tried different masks these have been the most comfortable and kind to my ears.

30 Days Ago


Viajo constantemente Y siempre uso el cubrebocas a pesar de que se levantó el uso en varias ciudades y países.Recibí el modelo más reciente o al menos eso dice la descripción y resultó ser cómodo, son muy ligeros y pareciera que no son resistentes pero me lleve una gran sorpresa al usarlos.Puedes usarlos sin el gancho de plástico (plus que otras marcas no tienen) si sientes que te queda flojo. A mi en lo particular me lastima un poco el resorte al usar el gancho.He comprado ya dos veces esta marca y los volvería a comprar

30 Days Ago


These fit a little on the big side but they are soft and comfortable. They protect well and I would definitely recommend them!

30 Days Ago


This Mask is easy to wear, lots of room to breathe. I run in this and don't feel like I'm suffocating.

30 Days Ago


I hate wearing masks because of the restricted airflow. These masks are not flush against my mouth and nose and make it easier to breathe, especially when wearing for hours at a time. Comfortable fit.

30 Days Ago


Useful mask.

30 Days Ago


I have been purchasing this mask since last year when I saw Apple employee s with their Apple masks. I wanted something similar to those masks and this fits the bill for me. Although, it’s not an Apple mask. I can breathe better in this mask, much better than the surgical mask. It covers very well.I am allergic to latex and don’t have a problem with the ear loops at all. It fits much better than the regular masks.The black version of this mask is shorter and doesn’t fit totally the same. However, the white mask is great.

30 Days Ago


They perform as advertised

30 Days Ago


This was a super comfortable mask to wear for the long airplane ride. I like this mask because it did not touch the skin on my face/cheeks and gave me plenty of breathing room. I felt like my face was inside the mask rather than having the mask spread across my face and breathing through the fabric.

30 Days Ago


If used with care they are very durable and last for around a month when you have a seven day cycle for each day

30 Days Ago


It is hard to find masks like these that are large enough for me and comfortable. I would have given them five stars if they were NIOSH certified to meet US standards.

30 Days Ago


With the use of the hook in the pack, these masks provide full coverage and excellent air flow

30 Days Ago


Nice fit over all.

30 Days Ago


I was able to breath while wearing this mask. It wasnt heavy or to tight on my face. Overall, it was comfortable although I don't like wearing them.